Effective September, 2023:

There are now two Cert.CNP enrollment options.

The full program for Canine Nutrition Mastery & Business Building program

or the Canine Nutrition Mastery Certificate only course.

Links to view the difference between the two options & their respective enrollment fees can be found further down this page. 

This Is The Program You Have Been Looking For

More and more people are discovering that feeding a biologically appropriate diet to their dog not only helps the dog live longer, it also supports their dog in living its best life. Some of these people fall headfirst into the rabbit hole of science-based canine nutrition and building bowls that are nutritionally specific to their dog’s needs.

Of that group of people, a small percentage will find researching and applying what they learn is a fun hobby for them and within that small group, an even smaller percentage will find that new hobby creates a passion.

Within that even smaller group of people, is the less than 1%. A canine nutrition enthusiast with a hobby they are passionate about and a yearning to turn that into something MORE. The fire is lit and grows into wanting to learn even more and that excitement starts burning and you want to help other people learn how to best feed their dogs too.

It only takes helping one dog owner successfully improve their dog’s life for you to never want the feeling of that experience to end. The experience of helping someone help their animal they love feels SO GOOD.

But Where Do You Start?

There are dog owners and pet industry employees both, who want a career in the canine nutrition field but they feel they don’t yet have the nutrition knowledge and diet formulating expertise or business savvy to confidently step into the role. With so many online seminars and courses available, it can be hard to navigate which one is going to teach you what you are looking for.

Time and again people tell me they found an online canine nutrition certificate course and invested their time and money into it, only to find they didn’t actually learn about current science-based nutrition and raw diet formulation that is biologically appropriate for the dog in front of them. Instead, the seminar/course/program ended up being an email situation with outdated material and with limited hands-on teaching, if any; and nothing applicable to actually building raw diets for individual dogs.

It leaves people feeling disappointed and no more qualified than they were prior to investing themselves into that particular program. I too have been there and done that with programs. I totally get it.

Then you go about finding another program and hope it turns out to be everything you were looking for that you didn’t get in the first one.

Maybe this other program has module titles in the syllabus that leaves you feeling like the class title “Homemade Diets” or “Raw Feeding Methods” are going to be what was missing from that first experience. Then it turns out the modules barely brush on how to build homemade diets or what the best raw feeding methods are or sometimes they turn out to be classes against homemade diets and raw feeding. That is the worst when that happens.

The marketing approach and class/module titles can be misleading and I have personally taken programs that were 200+ hours of my life and a financial investment, only to be taught about modified Atwater, extrusion, and how to formulate dry matter kibble. None of which applies to raw feeding.

Too many of my peers and aspiring raw diet formulators to count have been through the same thing.

You dive into course after course trying to piece together all of the information and collecting education certificates.

You enroll in well-known programs because other people have done it and the program has been around forever but you end up learning nothing about building a raw diet properly.

You join social media platforms to try to navigate through it all and you’re told you are wrong & given the cold shoulder when you ask how & where to learn more.

All of this can leave a person feeling inept and uncertain about what if any of what they have learned is valid. It can make a person feel like maybe they don’t have enough of the right focused education that it takes to make their dream of professionally helping dog owners a reality. 

Then there is the business part. Which is a whole other area to navigate and if you have never owned a business, it can be scary.

Here’s the Thing

If you KNOW you are meant to work in the canine nutrition field and that incredible feeling you experienced when you were helping your first dog owner is something that you want to have in your life every day, let me tell you…

With solid + current science-based education, training, and support, you can feel confident and ready to work in the field and to own your own time. 

How Did You Do It?

This is the question everyone who wants to own a successful canine nutrition and diet formulation company asks me.

They want the secret formula to make the same thing happen with their passion that they see I make happen with mine.

About the time someone asks me how I did it, their passion is burning and they want to do all of the same things and they want to do it right now but they just don’t know WHAT to do or HOW to do it.

The Secret Formula Doesn’t Have to be a Secret. I Want You to Have it Too.

My canine nutrition company is not my first business so my secret formula is an accumulation of my passion for dog nutrition, what I have learned in canine nutrition programs at University and from online programs, thousands (literally) of hours of self-directed learning, the direct mentorship I’ve received from others who were further advanced in their career than I at the time, from my peers, my time in business school, many business-focused programs and books; and through helping countless dogs and years of business ownership. Failing forward sometimes through what works and what doesn’t.

When it comes to canine nutrition education & business, there wasn’t a singular course or program that I took that gave me what I needed. I really wish there had been.

So I built one for you.

I have taken so many courses and programs, dedicated thousands of hours to researching, figuring things out on my own, and investing in paid direct mentorships with incredibly intelligent and helpful people who I wanted to know as much as, and who wanted me to know as much as they know too. What I know today comes from many places that took years of time and many thousands of dollars.

The Canine Nutrition Professional (Cert.CNP) Certificate Program

I built The Canine Nutrition Professional Certificate Program so I can teach you within one program about canine nutrition that applies to raw feeding and diet formulation and how to open & operate your own canine nutrition business.

I want you to learn about raw diet formulation. I want you to have access to the professional formulating tools you need, training on those tools, and I want to simplify the sometimes painful and stressful process of it all.

I want you to have business savvy too. The tools, my tips, systems, mindset, and best practices that I’ve used for years.

There was not a program in the industry that teaches someone canine nutrition and raw diet formulating and how to build and operate a successful canine nutrition biz.

Until Now.

Working as a canine nutrition professional is a pretty amazing career, but earning the certified designation of a Canine Nutrition Professional (Cert.CNP) is not for everyone. You need to understand going into this that this is a professional-level program.

This Is The Program You Take When You Are Ready To Be A Canine Nutrition Professional

You want education, and you want training, and you want the letters Cert.CNP behind your name so people can feel confident that you know what you are doing.

You want to confidently offer canine nutrition and diet formulating services and to be taken seriously. You want to feel certain that you have learned what you need to know that is science-based, current, accurate, and applicable.

You also want the branding advice, the marketing plan guidance, the social media + sales training you need to create relationships and not “sell” to people.

You want the customer service skills/client support skills needed to retain clients, and the project management systems and training on how to use them.

You need to know how to create legal contracts and write the legally required verbiage needed to operate a canine nutrition business, how to invoice, how to create workflows for your clients, how to create company policies, what kind of insurance you need to protect yourself and your company, you need to know how to set up your business correctly for taxes, and how to write off business-related purchases.

You Want To Master Canine Nutrition And Diet Formulation And Build A Successful Business

What You Will Learn

The Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP) Certificate Program is a comprehensive program sectioned into specific education topics and trainings that have been designed to give you the knowledge, skills & confidence you need to competently formulate complete + balanced raw diets for typical/healthy adult dogs and puppies and how to open + run a professional canine nutrition business.

*You can access a detailed overview of the program + enrollment fee details below.

What This Program is Not

This is not an automatic certification.

You will need to be able to show that you understand the principles and concepts taught and that you can implement them. You will need to put your training into action by digging into the concepts and resources I share with you. This is not a watch the video on x2 speed and wing it through the quiz type of program. The CNP is canine nutrition mastery & business building professional certificate program.

You are Ready to Join the Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP) Certificate Program If You:

  • ᅠAre 18 years or older & have a high school diploma or the equivalentᅠ
  • Have a high school graduate level of understanding algebra, biology, and chemistryᅠ
  • Understand the foundation concepts of raw feeding dogs
  • Are serious about getting solid science-based nutrition education and learning how to formulate complete + balanced diets for typical/healthy adult dogs and puppies
  • Have read or will commit to reading the Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP) Certificate Program overview below – so you can get the inside scoop and know if this program is for you
  • Have the drive and desire to learn the ins and outs of opening and running your own online service-based canine nutrition business
  • Are able to dedicate the necessary time to the program as outlined in the program overview
  • Have a burning desire to perform at a higher level and you are willing to do what it takes to upskill and upgrade your life & careerᅠ
  • Have a love for dogs & a heart for helping their owners

Added Benefits to Earning Your Cert.CNP Designation:

Stay Current With Access to CNP Exclusive Content

Stay on top of science-based canine nutrition topics, industry trends, resources, and diet formulating strategies through my CNP exclusive international community of like-minded and supportive professionals.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Certified CNPs gain the skills + systems they need to set up retainer clients, meal plan packages, and pricing & payment structures that will allow you to stop the traditional and limiting 'time for money' model of doing business.

Establish Yourself As An Expert

When you successfully help people improve their dog's life through their diet, you will be seen as a competent canine nutritionist/diet formulator. This can lead to guest speaking opportunities and professional consults + collaborations with your peers.

Gain New Clients By Word Of Mouth

Word gets around quickly when someone steps up in their business! Sometimes to the point where you will find yourself having to open waitlists.

Work With Select Clients

You get to choose to work with your ideal clients vs. having to juggle the oh-so-many-client-model that can be so exhausting. Enjoy longer-term client relationships by offering high-value services & support that are an integral part of your clients' pet parenting.

Access To The CNP Affiliate Profit Program

We can go so much further together than we can alone. The affiliate profit program is a serious opportunity to serve your audience and add another revenue stream to your business.

Canine Nutrition Mastery Certificate Only Course Overview

This is an automated program with module bundles of 2-3 modules released across 10 weeks.

Access the pdf to view the course details and enrollment fee.

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Canine Nutrition Mastery Certificate & Business Building Program

This is an automated program with module bundles of 2-3 modules released across 14 weeks.

Access the pdf to view the program details and enrollment fee.

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