Balanced Recipes for Adult Dogs

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I make it easy for you to get your dog on a well-balanced diet

Recipes are configured to intuitively adjust for
your typical & healthy adult dog’s needs.

About the Balanced Recipes

The balanced recipes for adult dogs in each feeding system provide all of the nutrients a typical & healthy adult dog needs and those nutrients are balanced to meet & appropriately exceed nutrition standards for canine adult maintenance. Recipes are formulated per 1,000 kcal of ME and a full nutritional analysis is built into the recipe + nutrition report section of the system.

These recipes are not intended for puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs.

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Breed-Class Size Specific

All of my recipes are breed-class size specific. This means that each feeding system contains balanced recipes for adult dogs that have been formulated for the breed-class size specified on the system. While the feeding systems are extremely flexible, they are not one-size-fits-all-dogs. For example, an extra-large breed recipe that features turkey necks or duck heads wouldn’t be a good fit for a small breed dog with a tiny mouth and smaller/softer teeth. 

I used my breed knowledge & experience, and documented studies to configure the energy factor options you have to choose from when planning your dog’s meals. 

Food science & an understanding of canine anatomy & biology are applied to correctly select biologically available and highly digestible ingredients for each recipe when I’m formulating.

Canine nutrition adult maintenance guidelines are utilized for check + balance.

None of the recipes contain chicken because it is a commonly problematic protein for dogs and provokes higher than desired omega-6 levels and often times visible symptoms of intolerance. Additionally, using better protein options allows for fewer additional ingredients.

Easy to Use Tools & Features

It is important to provide a complete diet that is balanced for your dog’s breed, age, reproductive status, metabolism, individual frame, & other specifics that are critical to feeding the dog in front of you. A complete diet is one that provides all of the essential nutrients your dog needs to be fed because its body cannot adequately synthesis all critical nutrients on its own.

My balanced feeding systems are user-friendly so you can simply make selections from drop-down menus, checkmark options you want to use, and let the system do the rest. No need to spend time agonizing over learning to formulate recipes as a dog owner, when you can use a professionally formulated recipe + intuitive feeding system to do the work for you.

Weight Management Options

You are able to use your balanced feeding system to make changes to your dog’s weight as needed. If your dog needs to lose weight, you can make the appropriate selections in the feeding system & the recipe will automatically configure a calorie-restricted diet. If your dog needs to gain weight, the feeding system will intuitively increase the calories in the recipe(s) allowing you to safely add weight to your dog’s body. 

Substitution Information (Subs Do Not Work)

Each recipe in the feeding systems is carefully formulated to provide all of the essential nutrients a typical & healthy adult dog needs in a balanced way. Precise nutrition is at play. There aren’t substitutions that allow for across-the-board swapping without affecting the nutrients & balance of a recipe. Anything you change beyond a minor adjustment to the type of ingredients used for fiber would cause a recipe to be imbalanced.

Choose a Balanced Recipe That’s Right for Your Dog

You choose if you want a feeding system with a recipe using raw meaty bones or a system that contains a recipe using a non-bone natural calcium source instead. 

You also have the choice of using seafood to provide the essential nutrients zinc & manganese or you can opt for a recipe that uses natural ionic supplements in place of seafood.

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Feeding System Components

Balanced Raw Recipe(s)

Measured Ingredient List ᅠ(This Auto-Adjusts to your Batch Size)

Nutritional Analysis

Adjustable Batch/Prep Size Customizer

List of Brands Used in the Recipe(s) as Applicable

Amino Acid Boosting Calculator

Functional Vitamin Boosting Calculator

FAQ Video & Guide Library

Recipe Features


Include a Source Of Omega-3

Biologically Appropriate Calcium & Phosphorus Levels

Contain a Wealth of Antioxidants

Cardiac Support

Immune System Support

Digestive Support

Thyroid Support

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