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Instant Access to Balanced Recipes is Now Available!

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Diet Formulation Services

All diet formulations provide the daily energy & nutrients a dog needs. Those nutrients are balanced to meet canine nutrition standards for their life's stage, with the dog's breed(s) and specific physiology + genetic profile (if available) taken into account. Proactive, therapeutic, and commercial formulation services are available.

Dog Owner Workshops & Courses

Automated online workshops & courses for dog owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for puppies or adult dogs & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular dog’s needs. All workshops include a dog owner's toolkit to help make daily feeding easier.

Free Education & Tools

Comprehensive feeding guides, calorie and nutrient calculators, Ebooks, online workshops/courses and more, all free for dog owners. Learn how to provide your dog with the diet it needs for his or her current phase of life.

The Canine Nutrition Professional Certificate Program (CNP™)

This is a canine nutrition mastery & business building professional level program. You will learn about canine nutrition that applies to raw feeding and diet formulation for typical adult dogs and healthy puppies & how to build & operate your own online canine nutrition business. This comprehensive program will arm you with education, pro tools, my systems, tips, mindset, and best practices that I’ve used for years. Students earn Cert.CNP credential upon successful completion.