Custom diet formulation options are a good fit for

adult dog owners who want recipes + 1:1 client support.

If you only want recipes and do not want/need 1:1 client support,

the instant access adult dog recipe options are a better fit.

You can view those recipe options here.

Recipes provide all of the nutrients your adult dog needs and those nutrients are balanced to meet nutrition standards for canine adult maintenance with the dog’s breed(s) and specific physiology + genetic profile (if available) taken into account. 

I use breed knowledge & experience to configure how best to plan your dog’s daily energy intake.

Food science is used to correctly select biologically available and highly digestible ingredients.

NRC & AAFCO/FEDIAF guidelines (country dependent) are utilized for check + balance and experience is used to appropriately set nutrient levels.

It is important to provide a complete diet that is balanced for your dog’s breed, age, metabolism, individual frame, & other specifics that are critical to feeding the dog in front of you.

raw diet workshops for adult dogs owners

Client Welcome Package

A welcome package outlining what to expect during a formulation project.

Client Portal

I create a client portal where your documents are housed: All client forms, copies of emails, any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded here for future reference.

Client Onboarding Package

Once the contract has been signed + invoice has been paid, the formulation project is scheduled, and a package is created which details the project scope and project start & completion dates. 

Getting Started Package

The getting started package is specific to your country and lists items/supplies you will need and suggested additional items/supplies. This is sent out after the project is scheduled so you can make any purchases you need before your formulation(s) are delivered. The getting started package helps you prepare so you can get started right away!

A Balanced Diet Formulation

Your dog’s recipe(s) is formulated using canine nutrition guidelines recommended for your specific dog. The recipe that is formulated will not be applicable to another dog as the formulation is that specific.

I do not use chicken in formulations unless there is a specific reason, as it is a commonly problematic protein for dogs and provokes higher than desired omega-6 levels and often times visible symptoms of intolerance. Additionally, using better protein options allow for fewer additional ingredients.

Substitution Information (There are No Subs)

Because each recipe is formulated for a dog’s needs and per canine nutrition guidelines, precise nutrition is at play. There aren’t substitutions that allow for across-the-board swapping without affecting the nutrients. The only cases of various foods that can be changed are some eggs, many veggies, and fruits. Each recipe includes one minor adjustment to the type of ingredients used for fiber and or antioxidants, as anything further than that would cause the recipe to be imbalanced and require a complete reformulation.

Reformulations are not included with any formulation project and are billed at a reduced 10% returning client discount.

Measured Ingredients List

I take the guesswork out of what to buy & how much to buy with a complete ingredients list that includes measurements for your balanced recipe. You can take this with you to the store or have it next to you for online shopping and use it to buy the amount you need based on your meal or batch size.

Nutrient Booster Configuration and Education

There are specific nutrients that dogs have shown to benefit from having boosted and each feeding system has an optional nutrient-boosting capability that allows you to boost those for your dog. Information about why is included.

Anti-Inflammatory Skeletal Support Information

You don’t have to wait until your dog begins to show signs of wear & tear, you can proactively support your dog’s skeletal system from puppyhood forward. Education about what type of ingredients should be used and suggested products are included.

Gut Support Information

Gut support is important to provide for your dog. Not all probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other forms of gut support work the same or as well in all breeds. Gut support education and product recommendations for different types of gut support are included.

1:1 Client Support

I provide one week of client email support so I can answer any questions you might have that are specific to the formulations and the ingredients used.

Nutrition FAQ Library

The nutrition FAQ library is filled with helpful audios, videos, and written information for you to quickly and easily access answers to frequently asked nutrition related questions.

Tech FAQ Library

You’ll have access to the tech library where you can listen to audios and watch instructional videos about how to use your feeding system.

Two Tech Support Tickets per Year

Each system purchase includes one $0 tech support tickets in case you break your feeding system for up to 60 days after the date of your purchase.

Any breaks exceeding one in the 60 day period or any breaks that occur after the 60 day period, are subject to a *tech support fee.

*The 2024 tech support fee for broken feeding systems is $45 per feeding system repair.