Food Therapy for Dogs

If you’ve found your way here, it means your dog is dealing with something that you are looking for help with managing nutritionally. I know it can be stressful to have an unwell animal. We will work together to help improve your dog’s quality of life. I use food therapy + a whole-body support protocol approach and I formulate and plan for a few conditions that can be corrected or managed via diet.

*The list of conditions I most commonly work with can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Food Therapy Welcome Package

A welcome package outlining what to expect during the formulation project.

Client Portal

I create a client portal where all of your documents are housed & tracked for delivery and opening. Types of things found in the client portal include: All client forms, custom packages, copies of emails, any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your dog’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded there for future reference.

Onboarding Package

A package is created which details the project scope and project start & completion dates.

Canine Food Therapy Clinical Assessment

Getting Started Package

The getting started package is specific to your country and lists items/supplies you will need and suggested additional items/supplies. This is sent out after the project is scheduled so you can begin making purchases you need before your food therapy plan is delivered. *Not all items needed will be included in the getting started package because there isn’t a way to know in advance what is going to be used until I am actually formulating and planning.  

Food Therapy Feeding System: Two Restorative Recipes + Nutrition Reports

Two food therapy recipes are formulated based on what I find through the assessments and what we discuss is best for your dog. The two recipes may be as follows: Two cooked recipes or two raw recipes, a combination of one cooked and one raw recipe. Recipes may include bone or may not include bone, etc. What the restorative recipes are is fully based on your dog’s needs. The recipes in this feeding system can be adjusted in the system for per meal feeding or batch prepping.

A Comprehensive Guide to Support Your Dog’s Condition(s)

What this includes is based on your dog’s needs. Information about the respective components will be included with action steps. 

Shopping List

A full ingredients list is provided so you can take it to the store and/or use it for online shopping to buy the amounts of ingredients you need for recipes and support protocols. Some of the items your dog needs may not be easily accessible in person, so it is important to be prepared to order online if necessary.

Two Weeks of Support

I provide two weeks of email support so I can answer any questions you might have and we can make any adjustments we may need to make. If you desire or need additional support time, it can be added for a consult fee. 

Client Offboarding Package

A wrap-up of your project and information regarding extended support options and discount offer towards future services.

Comprehensive Food Therapy Package: $195

Below are the Conditions I Frequently Work With:

•Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD), Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis, & Other Osteo Conditions

• Inflammation Management (Total Body Including Specifics ex.: Allergies, Skin + Coat)

• Liver Disease

• Kidney Disease

• Copper Storage Disease

• Certain Canine Cancers

• Yeast Infections

• Gut Imbalance

• Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Irritable Bowel Disease

• Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

• Elimination Diet

• Weight Management (Severely Underweight or Severely Overweight)

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