Raw Feeding Supplies Kit

This is a list of supplies that are helpful to have. You can click or press most of the items below to be taken directly to them.

Commercial Grade Cutting Board with Groove

Food Scale

Food Scale

Supplement Scale (a must have for powders)

Powder-Free Gloves

Spring Loaded Commercial Grade Poultry Shears (good for cutting thick pieces of meat & also bones)

Meat Prep & Thawing Bins 

Knife Sharpener (a must!)

FDA Approved Butcher Paper

Freezer + Dishwasher Safe Meal Prep Containers (not a link) You want freezer safe so the lids won’t crack. 

Distilled White Vinegar (a must have for cleaning!) Tip: Use white vinegar as a pre-cleaner for everything. Diluted at only 5% this is a strong pre-cleaner. Use on things like bowls, counters, clean up spills, etc.

Non-Porous Glass Bowls (these are the cleanest and strongest out there)