Weight Management Recipe: Deer & Duck with Seafood for Adult Dogs


This is a Leaner Fat Recipe that Can be Used for Weight Management.

This recipe should not be fed more than three times per week to adult dogs who do not need to lose weight.

One of the Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) in this Feeding System May Not Be a Good Fit for Small Breeds.

Small Breed Owners are Advised to Grind This Recipe.


Deer Meat, Duck Neck, Duck Egg, Duck Feet, Duck Heart, Mackerel, Oyster, Cauliflower, Chard, Pear, Mussel. Duck Liver, Hemp Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E.

Exact cuts of meats, types of fish, seafood, brands, etc., are detailed on the ingredients page of each recipe.

A full nutritional analysis is provided on the report tab of the balanced feeding system.

See description for what’s included in this system.



This Feeding System Includes:

  1. One Balanced Raw Recipe with an Adjustable Batch Size Customizer
  2. List of Brands Used in the Formulation as Applicable
  3. Amino Acid Boosting Calculator
  4. Functional Vitamin Boosting Calculator
  5. How-To Use Your Feeding System Instruction Video
  6. Education Links About Feeding Adult Dogs at Various Stages of Life