This automated online workshop is a good fit for dog owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for adult dogs & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular dog’s needs. 

The workshop is about feeding typical & healthy adult dogs. This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age nor pregnant/lactating dogs or puppies.

raw diet workshops for adult dogs owners

Workshop Orientation

The pre-recorded orientation outlines the workshop and tech information you’ll need to access the training platform & workshop materials.

Private Training Platform/Classroom

All of the courses, workshops, and programs I offer are taught on my training platform that has been built to house individual private classrooms & group trainings.

Pre-Recorded Content Modules 

This online workshop about raw feeding adult dogs & canine nutrition is taught across nine (9) pre-recorded modules containing detailed lessons taught in easy-to-understand language.

Modules include both audio & visual content.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The Basics Of an Adult Dog’s Energy Needs & the Correct Math to Use for Raw Feeding and Cooked Diets

  • Macronutrients for Adult Dogs: Protein & Amino Acids, Fat & Fatty Acids, and Carbohydrates

  • Introduction to Essential Vitamins for Adult Dogs

  • Introduction to Essential Minerals for Adult Dogs

  • Feeding Fiber to Adult Dogs

  • Canine Ancestral Diet, NRC, AAFCO, & FEDIAF Nutrient Requirements for Typical Adult Dogs Explained *Does Not Include Pregnant/Lactation

  • Education About Bioavailable Sources Of Essential Nutrients: Whole Foods and Manufactured Supplement

  • Information About How To Easily Build Bowls that Provide Recommended Nutrition for Your Typical/Healthy Adult Dog

  • Feeding Aging Dogs: How to Know When Your Dog is Entering Its Golden Years & What Diet/Feeding Changes You Should Make

Adult Dog Owner Toolkit (Updated for 2022!)

Your Adult Dog Owner Toolkit Contains:

  • Water Requirements Calculator (New!)
  • Vitamin & Amino Acid Boosting Calculators (New!)
  • A Calorie Calculator with Calorie Recommendations for Your Particular Dog
  • Nutrient Calculator with Recommended Allowances Configured for Your Particular Dog

Workshop Student Perks

  • 10% Student Discount (Active for 1-Year from Date of Workshop Purchase)

  • Access to the Dog Owner Affiliate Program

  • Automatic Updates to Your Classroom Content Anytime I Make Changes or Upgrades

Raw Feeding & Canine Nutrition Workshop for Adult Dog Owners… $134 USD

This workshop does not include meal recipes formulated by me or professional diet formulation training. 

This workshop is not for professional formulators. If you are interested in a professional consultation, want to work together on a project collaboration, or have an interest in my Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP™) Certificate Program, please visit the Pro tab on the menu and/or email to talk about what you have in mind/are in need of.