Professional Mentoring Packages for Canine Nutrition Practitioners

Mentoring is open for canine health practitioners only.

If you are a dog owner, please visit the dog owner consultations page.

I can help fill in knowledge gaps and explain canine nutrition science to you in easy to understand language.

I can answer questions that come up through the week regarding hands on practical application of diet and nutrition work, give my feedback and experience with various things you encounter, answer questions about business operations and the canine nutrition industry, review recipe formulations or articles/guides/podcasts/webinars, or other such mixed media content you might create and want a set of eyes on for feedback.

I can help you with the scary business stuff.

I can help you structure your business with professional project management, create roadmaps for you regarding content or business, and teach you how to easily sync automated workflows, help you curate content, help you create email templates, help you create/review your sales and process packages, help create/review contracts, and other moving parts of a canine nutrition business. 

I can answer questions about business structure, business insurance, sales and service packages & pricing, and other similar topics.

I can teach you how to sell without selling, how to use social media for business, and how to create authentic relationships with people that turn into organic sales. 

I’ll also be here to help with confidence building and helping you decide and then focus on what is going to help you grow the most in the most authentic and enjoyable ways for you.

Package Options and Pricing

All Mentoring Packages Include:

• Two (2) Hours of Conversation Across Each Week About Anything That is Canine Nutrition and Diet Formulation or Business Operations Related.

• Up to Two (2) Business Content or Workflow Roadmaps Each Week. Each of the Content and Workflow Roadmaps Includes one (1) Follow Up Look.

• Up to Two (2) Canine Recipe Formulation Reviews Each Week. Each of the Recipe Reviews Includes One (1) Follow Up Look.


I Offer Up to Three Month Blocks of Mentoring Time.

The Longer the Mentoring Block, the Deeper the Savings. Please See Below for Cost Break Down.

• Two Weeks of Mentoring: $320

This breaks down to be $160 per week 

• One Month (4 Weeks): $599

This breaks down to be $149.75 per week 

• Two Months (8 Weeks): $958

This breaks down to be $119.75 per week

• Three Months (12 Weeks): $1,140

This breaks down to be $95 per week